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MAC 26 – 4 Axes CNC Tool Grinding Machine

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Through a precision electronic probe, MAC 26 automatically positions the tool to be sharpened according to the programming software indications: each single tool program can be stored inside a special library to be then recalled for another sharpening cycle

Technical Data

Tool Ø 2 to 26 mm

Maximum and minimum tool length 35 - 250 mm
Grinding wheel motor power 1 HP
Grinding wheel motor speed 4200 rpm

Stepper motors with screws and precision guides

X-axis travel 300 mm
Y-axis travel 130 mm
C-axis travel -5° - 180°
A-axis travel ∞

Electronic probe for tool detection and automatic positioning, with run out checking

PC with 15” colour display unit
Oil-tight casing with Lexan glass and sliding door for tool loading/unloading operations, with door lock
Internal light
3-colour signaling lamp
Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 900x900x1560 mm


Interactive parametric tool programming SOFTWARE with 3D graphic interface
Sharpening parameters can be easily edited based on tool geometry

Supplied Accessories:

Collet holder spindle and precision collets for 2 to 26 mm sharpening

Programming software for:

HSS and Carbide twist drill sharpening
HSS and Carbide square end mills with 2-3-4 flutes (head only) sharpening
Tap sharpening (chamfer only)
Countersink sharpening
Reamer sharpening (chamfer only)
Engraving tools sharpening and production
End mills shank grinding and O.D. grinding

Diamond grinding wheel for Carbide drills sharpening
Diamond grinding wheel for Carbide end mills sharpening
Diamond grinding wheel for Carbide End mills shank grinding and O.D. grinding

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