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Cuoghi Affilatrici S.r.l.


With registered offices and manufacturing plant in Modena (Italy), is active in the field of precision engineering and, in particular, is a leading in the tool sharpening machine sector.


Product marketing has always been entrusted, in addition to first hand partecipation in major Italian and international trade fairs, to a wide-spread network of dealers who guarantee excellent after technical assistance service.


Over the years, our company has shown ongoing production technological growth and constant product diversification to meet increasingly different and demanding markets of the industrial sharpeners.


The technological evolution in machine tools over the past couple of years has required that our already wide range of products be expanded with a new CNC model that can sharpen latest generation tools and do so not only with all due precision but in an overall context where user-friendliness in king.


In 1972 we began by manufacturing tool sharpening machines to meet traditional sharpening needs.


Our on-going commitment to research and our passion for mechanical engineering, provide the stimulus for our continuous development.


Our brand CUOGHI, delivered in many languages, and our geographical location, Modena, are a symbol of sophisticated technology , whose inhabitants' flair for engineering design is imprinted in their genes.