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IDEAL PRO – 6 Axes CNC Tool Grinding Machine

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With a base and column in granite, the grinding machine IDEAL PRO, in little more than a square meter, gives you all the necessary technology to reproduce the increasingly complex geometries, which all the modern tools require. Machine is equipped with a 15” Touch Screen with the software integrated on the FANUC 31i B5 control, which make simple to control the machine, take references from axes or even control the axis movement and actual work directly on the same interface.
Our team of programmers has developed simple, fast and intuitive software for the operators, who do not need any particular experience in programming CNC.
With G-SHARP is possible produce or regrinding straight end mills with square end, corner chamfer , corner radius and ball nose straight flutes.



The machine has in standard equipment, three “G-SHARP” software packages:
Drills Software
Square End Mills Software
Ball nose and Corner Radius End Mill Software

Workhead A-Axis:

Workhead type options Manual, ISO 40 or automatic
Tool holder Collet, Hydraulic
Min. and max tool diameter 2 mm - 50 mm
Max. overall tool length 200 mm (optional 400 mm)

Wheel spindle:

Max. Wheel diameter 125 mm
Wheel bore 32 mm
Number of wheels for side 2 - 3
Spindle power 3.2 KW Direct drive
Wheel spindle range, variable spindle 8000 rpm

CNC Control Unit:

Control FANUC 31i B5
CNC motors FANUC digital Servomotors
Measuring system Digital Encoder

Electrical power supply:

Main power supply 10 KVA
Power supply voltage 400 V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz

Linear axes working range:

X Axis, wheel head longitudinal stroke 140 mm
Z-Axis, wheel head vertical stroke 140 mm
Y-Axis, wheel head cross stroke 170 mm
U-Axis, workhead longitudinal stroke 100 mm

Rotary Axes:

A-Axis, workhead spindle rotation infinite
W-Axis, rotary table swivel 195°

Axes resolution:

Linear axes resolution 0,001 mm
Rotary axes resolution 0,001°
Linear axes maximum feedrate 15 m/min
Rotary axes maximum speed 30 rpm/min

Dimensions and weight:

Overall dimensions mm 1180 x 1300 x 1900
Weight kg. 1350

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